About Us

Welcome to the JHS Band Boosters!

What's at the heart of what the Justice High School Band Boosters does?
Fostering and promoting a positive experience in the JHS Band Program in partnership with the JHS Band Program Director, students, parents, and our larger community. We also encourage an appreciation (across Fairfax County Public Schools and the community) of the educational value of strong band programs.
Want to join us?
Become a member! If you are the parent or guardian of a student who is currently enrolled in any of the JHS Bands (including Marching Bands), you are eligible to join JHS Band Boosters. Click here.

Is there a fee to join JHS Band Boosters?
We do not charge dues or a fee to become a member. We do welcome your financial contribution - in the form of a voluntary, tax-deductible donation. It costs a lot to support a marching and concert band program! Click here or send your check directly to:
JHS Band Boosters
P.O. Box 1640
Falls Church VA 22041

Want to learn more?
Click here to learn more about JHS Band Boosters activities and opportunities to contribute time, talent, and funds to the JHS Band Program. 

Explore our Signup Genius to help with specific events.

Find forms, presentations, and board documents by clicking here.

Do you have other questions?
Email the JHS Band Program Director, Mr. Brian Thomas:  bcthomas@fcps.edu

JHS Band Boosters Officers 2023-2024:
President:  Peter Jones  (justicebandboosters@gmail.com)
Vice President: Machelle Nowlin  (justiceband.vp@gmail.com)
Treasurer: David Brookes-Weiss   (justiceband.treasurer@gmail.com)
Asst. Treasurer: Christina Kish  (justiceband.asst.treas@gmail.com)
Secretary: Lisa Farkas  (justiceband.secretary@gmail.com)